Sunday, November 26, 2006

Confessions DVD now set for January

French website FNAC now lists the Confessions Tour DVD with a release date set to January 22nd, 2007. This seems to be possible because the tour special is still broadcast worldwide all through December up to New Year's Eve. It is also said that the concert on the DVD will be unedited, unlike the version shown on TV.


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Eric Chou said...

hi cloud,

so previously you said it might be released by Dec. 4, 2006 in UK and USA will change? and the exact day should be corrected into Jan. 22, 2007? is that right? or it's just France nothing to do with UK or USA?

i don't mean to bother, but i really want to know, thanks.

you know what, it's pretty easy to download the whole video from clip to clip in some website, i'm pissed!

i have expected for the DVD for a while including Reinvention tour DVD, i even asked DVD shop to try his best to book some for me.

Oh god, don't let me down with this.........