Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don't forget !!!

Click on pic to

Click on VOTE buttons to VOTE!!!


ronnl said...

i did voted :-) even when its in franch... thanx again for that cloud

Eric Chou said...

i don't like my friend question me that Madonna's blog is a fake one.

i had another argument with my friend this morning, he insisted Madonna won't have time to blog so that must be someone who pretend she is Madonna.

gees, if Madonna blog is not Madonna, how come she has so many news update online? how come she knows so many details of Madonna's personal life? how come Madonna's dancer like cloud would visit that blog too?

stupid friend,please do not try to argue with me again,i won't save you from your silly hell.

i believe what i see, i believe what i feel.

BTW, cloud, is confession tour DVD+CD has been decided to be published on December 4th, 2006? Last time after reading your blog, i soon contacted with my favorite CD shop owner to book both USA and UK version for me. So now i'm super excited to wait for the day.

T.G.I. Friday!! Wish you a happy weekend!

Aladdin of Tripoli said...

hey cloud . i knew you from ur comment in Madonna's Blog , unfortuntly i couldn't see the Confession Tour on NBC, but i still watch the Re-Invention Tour "iam going to tell you a secret" a bought it's DVD From Libya and it's amazing . and it seems you are the only DEancer who stayed with Madonna ( where are the other dancers like Reshma,raistella, tamara...etc) anyway good luck man and happy thnxgiving and i envy you on one thing that you see Madonna alot , Madonna is my fauvorite singer dancer actress and ...etc.
best regards from Libya.