Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Good Morning !!!

Hi everybody...
I woke up today at 5 am and
I'm in hurry because I decide to visit my parents.

I must be in airport at 6 am and
I fly hours but
I hope I can use computer in plane.

Wish me luck whit my dad...
Like you know he don't understan where
did he made a mistake raising me because
he don't like that I'm a dancer !!!

So wish me luck!...I don't want to fight whit him right
now because I don't have humor right now for it.

Some news more I want to visit Madonna next month!!!
That mean I come to EUROPE maybe!!!


1 comment:

Eric Chou said...

hi cloud,

no need to tell me how to post my photo on the blog, cos i found the secret already, obviously my photo size is too big to put it in.

visiting parents it's always good although some time it might be "not so good", especially when talking about career, relationship or marriage.....

anyways, have a nice trip and don't forget to tell me how to help with you regarding the Madonna things you told me on my blog.