Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm Going To Tell You A Secret

I just bought this DVD / CD from shop...
I hope you have it in your home !!!
Right now my time is 01.26 PM
Ok...I go and watch it!


Ines said...

Hi cloud

Anonymous said...

Hi Cloud I just wanna say that I love you!I saw you in "Hung up"-you are sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!
S(From Barbara,Croatia)

Eric Chou said...

hey dude, what's the reason to make you buy it so late?

you should watch it, cos there are lots of you in the video....your very first time of dancer audition, you cry cos Madonna gave you a guitar which you very like it......

it's a great video, i saw the ture Madonna, and what's going on in the back stage and all the stories happen during the tour 2004.

by the way, opening "Vogue" is absolutely great!

Mi said...

Hi Cloud, I have this dvd and I like it so much. But, The Confessions Tour is amazing show. Wow! You're so great dancer. I'm your big fan :o)
Márcia from São Paulo/Brazil