Friday, November 03, 2006

Madonna On Cross...

What to you feel or
think about this foto...
Let me know!!!



ronnl said...

the cross was 1 of the greatest thing that our queen Madonna had ever done!everybody had something to say about it and i think that you Daniel as a dancer with your friends in the show did a great job too(jumping all around right before the cross came up)i think that she sent a strong message to the public every night with it about singing for Africa or something it was emotional and human and the song "Live To Tell" was perfect for the cross too and i think it shuld be aired on the special no matter what people will say they need to see it and that's it

Eric Chou said...

my first time of seeing this was on Madonna's blog before i personally saw it at the concert in Osaka.

the first impression was "shocked"! obviously there is no on would do such a thing i mean dance with a cross, i believe from some peoples point of view,it's kind of "disrespect" to the god.

but in my viewpoint the point should not be at the cross itself, but what's did Madonna want to express through her performance.

when i personally saw the show in Osaka, i found the true meaning is the love from god is no difference, no matter you are rich or poor, no matter you are black or white or yellow, no matter you are man or woman, no matter you are straight or gay, what kind of background you come from, love should be the same, love has no boundary, love is endless.

besides nobody should be punished only if their choice is different from others, we all have our own free will, everybody should pay respect to it.

in this field, i think Madonna is the god so she is qualified to be hung on the cross to represent every human in this planet to speak out.

it's been a long long time that Madonna encouraged everybody to express yourself, not hide in the closet to walk out your comfort zone.

the love from Madonna is opened, no matter you are poor or rich, no matter you are from west or east, no matter you fall in love with women or men. that make her always be on the top of "my favorite artists" in general public.

all in all, i think the show is wonderful, is meaningful and is bravo!! there's no one can do it, but Madonna.


merovey said...

Hey ask me to tell you my feelings about M on Cross...

You know...i had a very extraordinary feeling....i wanted scream,cry,be quite...I saw a woman...alone...on the cross...she was defenseless. She's in front and behind me a thousans of people...wanting the show.
I think it was the most important part of the show.After that i felt myself pacifically and powerful...I thank God that i've seen this perfomance...


Russian_girl said...

Hi, Cloud!

When I knew that M starts her new show I couldn't imagine that I will see her ALIVE in Moscow (then I even had no idea about M's Personal Blog!). I read about her perfomances, heard about the cross, but I haven't thought that this part of her show will be discussed and criticized SO much.

And one day I heard on the radio that M is going to visit my country in September. For the first time everything was great, but soon all her Russian fans faced the problem: after the tickets were sold, someone remembered about the cross in M's perfomance and asked to cancel her show (the chirch supported this idea with great pleasure).

Of course, the show wasn't canceled, but the date and place were changed.

Actually, I used to think that the church and governments in different countries have already understood that M is not interested in their opinion.
They should have summited a long time ago that there are NO RULES for M. She always says what she wants to say. She does it her own way and she knows HOW TO MAKE people LISTEN and HEAR everything she says or means.

In my opinion, the activity of churches had only helped M, cause the more they tried to cancel the M's show in their countries, the more people were attracted to come and see her perfomance.

Speaking about me...
I was impressed with the whole show very much. M on the stage, the first-rate dancers, the music, the light and many other things were amaizing.

And M on cross... it's unforgettable! I think it's one of the most powerful and effective moments of the show.
This perfomance can be explained and understood by everyone in different ways.

Someone may think that M just wanted to offend church and religion.
(I'm hope she didn't, but who knows...))

Someone think that it's her special way to pay attention to starving and dying children.

Someone may think that it's the way to show us that we all are crucified for our sins.
(I suppose it's close to truth...))

Someone think that it's the moment when she admits her sins and crucifies herself.
(It's possible too...))

There are many opinions, but only M knows the right ones.
And maybe there are NO right or wrong explanations, like in philosophy, and M wants us to think about all of them...

I don't know.
The only thing I know is that Madonna's the GREATEST and THE SMARTEST woman/singer/actress/...
HER ideas inspire us to express ouselves, to live in peace and love each other. The words of her songs, music and live perfomances are amazing and really moving.
That's why I wish the number of her fans became bigger and bigger.
And I wish M all the best.

Cecil said...

When I first saw it in Tokyo, I went "Wow" Madonna finally made it to the cross and managed to bring all her fans to it with her. I mean how celeb. would dare to create such a controversial scene? I am a Catholic myself, before I saw it I thought maybe I will feel offended. But when I was actually at the point of the concert, it just feels like I wanna be up there. Not only because Madonna was there (but I must admit that is one of the reason), but some how she reminded us we are all sinners including herself. BTW, I love how they used the screen to play as a lighting effect, it created a very stunning and holy touch to it. So what do you think, Cloud? Love to know what you think of this scene too!