Saturday, November 18, 2006


To all MADONNA's fans to it???
How can they sleep..???
If I must sleep like thay to it then GOD HELP ME :)
But if they want to sleep like that then Ok...



Olga B. said...

No, not all =)). We didn't sleep near the stadium. We just stayed from 12.00. till 21.00 - when Madonna's show began =)). Then we danced the whole show. After it run to the metro station. As a result - 12 hours without sitting. Are we crazy ;)?

ronnl said...

olga and cloud it was in Amsterdam too and 2 years ago in arnhem and in the girlie show in Israel too allmost 14 years ago i found it a bit stupid but hey if they want to seat there and wait 12 hours and be tierd the whole evening they have the right to do it don't u think?