Sunday, November 19, 2006

The special Madonna page on WOWOW

Click On Pic. To Watch It...



ronnl said...

nice page and pics:-)

Eric Chou said...

hey cloud,

i just came back from Shanghai, china for business trip. transportation there was totally a mess, it took at least 1 hour wherever you want to go in the city, you never can make appointment with people because you will always be late and you never know when you can arrive.

invite me to work in china for the hot money? let me think about it.....hummmm NO WAY!!!!

one more think i would like to bring it up, although taiwan and china are the same i mean in historical family map, civilization and living quality are totally different! most china people are less manner and impolite, i can't handle it at all.

too many to share, anyways, i will write some in my blog.