Friday, December 22, 2006

Confessions Tour DVD Release Sheet


Eric Chou said...

can it be quick? i can't wait to buy ti!

ronnl said...

i have heard about it few days ago and i am happy about that and i'll have My own copy for sure but i said few months ago and i'll say it again :-)she could have a box with few shows from different tours too i think it will be nice to have the BA tour after 16 years on dvd AND THE RIT 2004 lav 1985 TOO it could be great if some money from the sales can go to the kids of Africa too

Madonna is THE ONLY Queen!! said...

I am sooooooooo gonna buy it when it's released here in Australia, seeing Madonna never came here to do her tour :( I was soooooooo hoping she would :( I was also hoping it would've been released for christmas would've been an awesome christmas present from my daughter who's name is also Madonna hehe oh well just have to wait another few weeks til it's released here in Australia...

Cloud u rock hehe and ur soooooo hott... When will you come to Australia & visit me hehe ( I can only wish & dream eh')

I hope you had an awesome christmas & I hope "2007" is an even better new year for you.

I wish you all the happiness & peace in the world..

Love you always
Maz xoxoxox