Friday, December 01, 2006

Fri, 01 December



Lou said...

are you the true cloud?
if you are the true Cloud (and not a fake!!), let me tell you:
i'm just 14, but i'm already a huge fan of Madonna and i'm your biggest fan!!
you're great, you're the best dancer i know (and i know a lot of dancers! - i'm not kiddin').....
i just can't describe you!

you are such an idol!=)

Lou said...

by the way, i'm portuguese.
did you know that "daniel" and "campos" are portuguese names?


Lou said...

another thing:
your performence in the "Live to Tell Interlude" is just great!´
it's marvellous!

you're the one!*

ronnl said...

oh i think that the dvd WILL BE A HIT HERE i just can't wait! i didn't know about that Lachapelle guy hes stupid Madonna? nasty? i don't think so! but this is what he didn't want to do but he got paid for the concept anyway ...she can be a bitch sometimes but everybody can be a bitch like that in some moments so? big deal!like our queen sing "nobody's..."and about the adoption i am not going to say another word about it i am getting sick of it they need to leave her alone end of story