Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I love this video...
So..But I've problem whit 1 person.He/she makes some sillys comments like I've done to him/her something!!!So PLZ stop it...
I don't like it...!!!

I want to show you 1 Madonna Fan Site where are some fotos ...They are sooo awsomes!!!

Click on foto!!!

I hope you like it...now 2 more things do you have this Madonna "The Re-Invention Tour" tourbook? If not then you can buy 1 :))) Just click on foto...

And last thing: Here is 1 Madonna shop in net...So if you want to buy something like I bought this CD single then...Click on foto!!!

Gosh...Soon is sleeping time:)))



Ron said...

thanks for that and good night :-) i couldn't sleep again anyways sleep well

Barbara said...

Thank you Cloud!!:)
p.s I'm collecting pictures of all Madonna's dancer..so can I put 1 of your on my blog I didn't do it yet because I didn't want to make you angry
And I must say that u r my favorite dancer

Eric Chou said...

i think the most geneous idea is to move this music video totally into confession tour.