Sunday, January 07, 2007

Madonna Hung Up Promo In Japan

I love Japan ...
And I still like this interview ...
Have you seen it before?


Olga B. said...

Hi Cloud!
Very good and funny video! =) Thank you for shareing it! 8)
Kind regards,

Márcia said...

Cloud, I haven't! It's so cool! Thanks! And I love Japan too!

ronnl said...

i have seen this 1 a year ago i think... i love it and the people in japan are funny in a good way anyways,thanks for that!

taigatoara said...

Hi Cloud.
I looked by real time.
This program is popularity in japan.
I think that it is the best performance group!!!
I want to look more!
I go to watch it by all means sometime!
by satoko

Barbara said...

I love Japan too!!!this is very funny..thank you