Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vote or DIE motherf*cker !!!

Vote or DIE !!!
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2. Something To Remember3. GHV2
The Power Of Good-Bye...&...
The Confessions Tour DVD/CD

The Confessions Tour - Live from London (CD+DVD) The Confessions Tour - Live from London (CD+DVD)
List Price: $24.98
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Release Date: January 30, 2007

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Anonymous said...


Barbara said...

Something To Remember!!

Tony Thai said...

keep up the good work cloud !

Tony Thai said...

it is really great to see your work on stage with Madonna. it really inspired me to work harder for my dreams. i hope all is well. I hope that our artistic path will cross one day. my best wishes.


Ron said...

something to remember i love the others too but ...

Anonymous said...

GHV2!!! Thanks, Cloud~

Barbara said...

The power of good-bye...this song is so powerfull!BTW in this video you can see Goran Višnjić-he's famous Croatian actor...thanxić he he
luv ya