Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Over


Natasha said...

Don't say that. Think positive. Everything will be ok.
Your friend,
Nat xox

Natasha said...

Don't say that. Think positive. Everything will be ok.
Your friend,
Nat xox

Marie-D. said...

Hi Cloud,
now i think that i understand...
you've got all my support, see you later...i hoppe tomorrow for chatting...

Big kisses :-)

Melissa said...

Hey Cloud!

Think positive like Nat said. Keep your head up and wear a smile:)))

IT'S ALL GOOD!!! Don't let ANYTHING or ANYBODY ruin your deserve to be happy!:))))Always believe's true!

I've never spoken to you before in my life so I have no idea why you're unhappy at this time. I DO KNOW you're a great guy with a good heart...that shows through the posts that you leave:)))

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and you can smile, laugh and just be happy:))))

We all LOVE you here Cloud! Please cheer up...NOBODY wants to see you sad.

Good Luck with EVERYTHING!:)))))

Take Care Buddy!:)



P.S. That's a really nice background you did with your picture!:))) Good Work!:)

Pode said...

No Cloud...
You alredy know it:

"...We all fall to the floor at some point.
It’s how you pick yourself up,


isn’t it?
I’ve always lived in my own world,


I’ve learned that there’s light, even in the darkest places.

You are not alone!

Marie-D. said...

Hi again...
Courage Cloud!!!! :-) it's a bad time you're going through, i guess it must be hard for you... but it will go (sometimes it needs much time and sometimes not), but it is sure it will go!!! so keep courage Cloud!!!!take advantage of this to take lessons on what happens (and why it happens!...), it will help you to evoluate, to improve, to progress in life, and to become better, at last to move forward! keep moving forward, (i know it's important for you but)life is too short and we have soooo much to do!!!! you're still young, you have your whole future in front of you!!! i'm sure you will find wonderful times again!
you will see, one day, you will find again the smile!!!! so keep courage, it's a bad time but the good time will come again (even if it can be a different situation with different people...)
stay concentrate on your passion, on what makes you happy, it will help you...the bad time will go, keep courage!!!

and Pode is right!!!...

you will spring to life again!!! i'm sure you will!!!! ;-) :-)

a very big support and a big kiss

Melissa said...

I was wondering who was going to remind Cloud about his confession.

Nice one Pode!:)))


If you have a hard time picking yourself up...reach for one of us! We'll help you:))))))

Shine On!!!


Marie-D. said...

by the way, it's a wonderful artwork!
it's a beautiful image, beautiful to look at! wow!

you're progressing!...;-)

Anastasia said...

when I am sad or confused .. it realy helps me to draw what is in my mind .. I am shure it woud help you too ..I try to seal my thinks and I get better

KATIE said...

Hello Cloud,

sorry for not writing too much - my baby was sick - very high fever... :(
I hope to chat together with U soon.
Missing U so much - Katie
Kisses for Tamara
P.S. I'm going to Madonna Party tommorow in my city :) Should I wear the M's catsuit?

Anonymous said...

mmmmm.. I´m not sure about the actual situation... but... sadness is just a key 4 happynes... is a level to valorate and enkourage all that make U haPPy and fortunate... every day could be sad.. depend of U....

U are a real real spektakular guy ....