Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Madonna planning move back to US?

Superstar MADONNA is reportedly planning to move her family to New York, after becoming bored with the British lifestyle. The MATERIAL GIRL - who settled in England after marrying film director GUY RITCHIE in 2000 - prompted speculation about a move after being spotted viewing luxurious mansions in Manhattan over the weekend (10-11MAR07). One residence, said to have particularly attracted Madonna's attention, was an GBP18 million ($35 million) six-storey townhouse, boasting seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, three kitchens and a garden. The property also comes complete with nanny and servants' quarters. A source says, "Living in the English countryside must be getting a bit monotonous for her. "She has actually flown here to concentrate on finding a New York home where she will spend a good deal of time and perhaps even send her children here." Madonna already owns an apartment in New York, as well as her GBP6 million ($11.7 million) London home and an estate in rural Wiltshire, England.

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KATIE said...

Well I wonder if she's gonna really move back to US... It's her home indeed.