Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yesterday :DDD

I want to thank one friend who was whit me when I was sooo sad and that friend was Nat!!!Thank you soooo much!!!Yesterday was sooo great:)))....1st about M's "SEX" book...then about my art works:D....And she told me that she had never laughed so hard in her life before and almost me too.....Gosh it was great...Thx again!!!!...And also was there Pode who gave me some songs and other stuffs...Again BIG thank for it!!!...and here are my art works:DDD...


Natasha said...

You Rock Cloud!!!

I'm still laughing about yesterday. Talk to you soon.


Melissa said...

These pictures are HILARIOUS!

Why were you sad? Your posts didn't show sadness...they were beautiful!

I'm glad to see you're in good spirits. :)))))

Keep SMILING and LAUGHING!!!:))))

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!:))))))


KATIE said...

Wow ! Wonderful art works :)
What software do you use to do it?

Kisses from Katie :***)

Pode said...

What i can say?!
I'm not very good with english and i'm very excite and happy to be in your post... but especially if i've give you some pieces of joy!
I've alredy said to you what you are... More than a legend!

You are great...
like dancer...
like artist...
Mainly like person!

"...Dance! Even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room."

Thanks to you! A lot!