Saturday, April 28, 2007

[Exclusive] Madonna Studio Tour CD's

Hi...I've done 2 M's studio tour CD's.
Right now I gonna talk whit one guy and then (I hope)...We gonna release theys like "Very Limited Version's"....So let's start to PRAY for that!!!The Confessions Studio Tour
[ All Tour Songs+Everybody (Bonus) ]
The Re-Invention Studio Tour
[ All 25 Songs+I'm So Stupid (Outtaked what was exchanged whit "Material Girl" & Dress You Up (Bonus) ]



Natasha said...

Does this "guy" work for M. It's just that I don't know how you can release something like that without getting sued. LOL. Be careful.

Barbara said...

Did you talked with Madonna about this?
I will PRAY!!!!!!

Olga B. said...

Hi Cloud!
Daniel, what does M think about it?
Does she agree?
I just wonder how you did that )).
Good luck to you!

Marie-D. said...

Hi Cloud,
i think that we all have the same questions!...
but if it's possible...i hope that it works! would be great!
the covers are nice :-)

good luck!
hello from France

Ruthie said...

yeah!!!! I really like "I´m so stupid"..jajajajaj wish that work koming to mexiko ..or I´ll have to travel =P