Wednesday, April 18, 2007

[The First Look] "Vogue" + A Letter For Fans...



like a prayer said...

HAppy days Cloud

Melissa said...

Shit! I thought I posted something before, I guess I forgot to hit publish comment...LOL!!!...I'm an idiot!:))) It was funny too!:)))

ANYWAY, everybody that follows the blog should know by now that you're an artist and that there is no such dvd or cd. Just wishful thinking!:)))

Good thing you cleared that up or the new people on here would've went nuts thinking Madonna is going to release re-invention dvd...LOL!!!

Do you ever show your work to M ?
Maybe she'll let you do the next cd cover if she sees the work you do!:))) She knows you're talented!
Maybe in the future we'll see a Madonna video directed by Cloud too!:)))

Take Care Buddy!


Pode said...

Good work and great letter!
Now it's evident...
But if you wish sell me the dvd... ;-)

Cloud you are always honest!


Marie-D. said...

ok!... :-))

hello from France

Olga B. said...

Hi Cloud! =)

How are you? )
Will you ask Madonna before doing that?

Madonna is THE ONLY Queen!! said...

I bought the re-invention DVD last year & I love it. I have watched it over & over again.

But now I have the "Confessions" DVD I watch that one over & over lol