Thursday, April 26, 2007

May 2007

"The Performance Review"Documentary featuring rare & classic performances, archive footage and interviews & insight from music journalists and fans.
"The Wild Angel"Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone never made any secret of her ambition to become the most successful female recording artist of all time. For two decades she has provoked storms of outrage and controversy through her songs, videos, stage performances, film roles and books - deliberately provoked as part of a superb exercise in self-promotion. Now her phenomenal work-rate and extraordinary ability to re-invent herself have seen her safely through to iconic status. Eagle Media examines the rise of Madonna in Madonna: The Wild Angel, from her life growing up, her early attempts at becoming a star and life as the megastar that she is today. Featuring interviews with journalists, authors and DJ's, along with vintage news clips, tells the story of Madonna like it has never been heard before. The program is approximately 63 minutes long and contains an additional hour of bonus features.


Olga B. said...

I'd like to watch it ;).

CECIL said...

Where can I get it???

Natasha said...

hey there bad boy lol,

Just wanted to say "Hi" again and also that I am not crazy LOL, just strange lmao. HAHA just kidding anyways, talk to you tomorrow maybe.


Barbara said...

wow cool!!where can we get it and when??
have a nice day Cloud! :)