Friday, May 04, 2007

" 1 " + Nothing Fails

Sometimes at night he wets his bed
And his dreams play tricks inside his bed
He wakes up cold turns on the light
There's no one here tonight oh


Madonna is THE ONLY Queen!! said...

Awesome!! I love that pic of Madonna she looks gorgeous as always hehe


Natasha said...

only 2 days left!!! You must be excited lol. I am, God I have to go prepare something original for you...hmmmm ??? This will be hard lol but you're worth it!

Madonna is THE ONLY Queen!! said...

I soooooo love this song!! Even though "American Life" didn't sell as many copies as it should've I the truly devoted Madonna fan bought it & I remember when I first heard this song I thought wow this is such a cool song!!

I'm gonna go now & find that cd lol & remember to listen to it in my car tomorrow when I go out with my baby Madonna hehe

Have a gr8 weekend Cloud :-)