Monday, May 28, 2007

Crazy For You + Wallpaper (From Re-Invention Book)



Natasha said...

Hey Cloud,
Awesome so I'm guessing you got my message and changed the comment setting. Now I can write you some stories like you requested LOL. Well here's one for you. Last Saturday night my brother, myself and three of our friends were driving to a party. There were also 2 other cars following behind us that were packed with more of our friends. In my brother's car everyone was talking away until we heard the sound of the car running something over and then we all screamed lol. My brother said we hit a skunk. Lucky for us though it didn't have time to spray the car. The funny thing is our buddies in the car behind were just driving along and saw the skunk fly out from under our car and bounced of the pavement, some skunk remains actually flew on to their car...haha suckers lol. On the way back home we passed by the same spot and there were guts for like 20 feet lol. It was soo gross.

Olga B. said...

Hi Cloud!

Nice! It is again possible to leave comments in your blog! =) How are you?