Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Madonna "Awfully Busy" For Autographs

05/24/07,11:00pm - Madonna started her day very early Thursday May 24th, filming her directorial debut short film "Filth and Wisom" at Farringdon Market in East London.

During lunch time Madonna's son Rocco arrived to the set with her adopted baby David accompanied by their nanny.

Late afternoon they called it a day, Madonna was then on her way to workout at her gym in North London.

When approached by an American fan for an autograph, she replied in a British accent "I can't sign right now, i'm awfully busy."

Meanwhile Madonna's Live Earth song "Hey You" has been taken off the MSN website after it indeed was downloaded a million times and now it's on for sale in some countries.

Madonna is set to wrap up fillming next week and start editing the film, soon after she'll start work on her July 7th 'Live Earth' performance.

The setlist, rumoured to include: "Into The Groove", the "Hay You" song and "Ray Of Light" though this has not been confirmed.

Stuart Price is working with her, as they did for Live 8 and Madonna's last three tours, on remixing the songs for the event.

Later in July Madonna is due back in the studio to continue work with Justin Timberlake on some songs they recording for her new album.


Eric Chou said...

so luck i am not the fan who's asking for madonna's autograph on the street.....

Natasha said...

it's funny you can always tell who the true fans are. Those two guy's are definetely the type that get autographs from celebrities and sell them on EBAY LOL. I bet that's why M wouldn't sign anything for them LMAO. Suckers!

Ron said...

hey long time no see but thanks for that !