Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Re-Invention Tour Live From Lisbon...

About 2 weeks ago was this amazing some released [Live From Lisbon]recording...
unfortunately without the video...Right now is only audio but maybe soon will be released the video also...

What have been released:
01 Burning Up
02 Die Another Day
03 Nothing Fails
04 Don't Tell Me (NEW)

Some rumours:
-some are saying that the next footage will be "Hanky Panky" , some are saying that "Material Girl" and some others are saying that "Express Yourself"
Actually nobody don't know what is the next 1!!!

Rumors are swirling that Warner Brothers is deeply considering releasing the Re-Invention Tour on DVD. Many believe Warner Brothers is considering releasing the DVD now is because of Madonna's success with her recent live DVD The Confessions Tour.


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