Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hey! I’m writing to keep the blog posted.

Well the latest news is Butch Walker, who I was suppose to direct a music video for him a while back. Well he had a house in Malibu and when the wild fires broke out his whole three story house burned down to ground. He lost everything. It was horrible. So he asked me to come over the house (or whats left of it) and shoot a video for him. He wrote a song two weeks before his house burned down. So I shot a video for him as a memory of his loss. It should be up on his site soon. I'll let u know when it is.

I leave this weekend to NYC. I'm going snowboarding tomorrow! Yeahhhh!!!!! That will be my good bye to LA.

I hope your all doing good. Talk to you soon. Bye for now!


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