Monday, July 28, 2008

So Far AWAY .. !?

Uhhh...HI everybody...or NObody...!!?? well I don't know what to say...only 1.... "SorrY" I can't even remember when I wrote......=S

...Again I don't know what to I found 1 M-DoLLa's remix....It's very's Give It 2 Me remix called "Give It 2 Me" (Eddie Amador House Lovers Radio Edit) ...but as radio edit made by ME =) It's very awesome....hope you guys like it...if someone care...=)

Click on pic to download the track..


madonnaissofunny!! said...

Hello Cloud! I do care ! And I think that this remix is perfect! I love it! Apparently, you're not gonna be on Madonna's tour. It's so sad!!! I love you very much and dance so well!i would love talking to you on msn so if you want, I'll send you my msn address. But you have to tell me! I check your blog every day but you don't post things often.
Bye! XXX
PS: sorry for my bad english!

madonnaissofunny!! said...
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Krisztina said...

Hallo Cloud,

yes, I do read your blog. You have to know, you've got a lot of fans also in Hungary. It would be great to see you dancing somewhere here in Central-Europe (in Wien, Prague or Budapest). We send you all our love!!! Keep on rockin'!

Best wishes,