Friday, July 03, 2009


I was reading an interview "Turkish dancer Yaman Okur reveals secrets about Madonna" a minute ago and I was really, really surprised what I read....
I have always watched Madonna's shows with a great appreciation; I loved her shows on the Drowned World Tour and Re-Invention Tour as a dancer myself. I was born in 1977; we all grew up listening to Madonna's songs throughout our childhood, but honestly I was more into rap and hip-hop as I was into break dancing also. I first dreamed about dancing with Madonna while I was watching her Confessions Tour and that was because I saw one of the most famous American break dancers, Cloud, dancing with her there.
and I'm still in shock that I really can inspire others I'm really amazed..not cuz he mentioned me..but cuz he got inspiration of me..well I'm glad that I really can help others...that's great!

Read the full article here!

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