Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chat Together or Get Together

Can you believe what you can read right now
It's an illusion, but I think you care
Can you believe you can chat whit me now
Too much confusion, come on let's log in now

Can we chat together
I really, I really wanna make some chats
Come on, chat with me
I hope you, I hope you wanna really chat whit me
[Fan MSN ""
Don't be sad if I'm not in ONLINE
'cause it's the busy world around us !!!


KATIE said...

I like these "chat together" lyrics ;)))

I logged in and you are logged off... and I am not surprised. Maybe I will try to get U by e-mail...

greetings from Kate N.

Ron said...

mm nice lyrics :-)))and thanks for that:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Cloud! Waiting online to chat with you. Best wishes~

Eric Chou said...

of course i like to chat with you.

added you in, note my id "shommboy"

see you online!

Olga B. said...

Wow )). You have a MSN now )). That's great! 8)

Agustín Guiot said...

I love you so much Daniel!!! I so happy you have added some things I did in your blog!!! I hope to see you online!!! see you!! I love you su much!