Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh Father

Oh Father
You never wanted to live that way
You never wanted to hurt me
Why am I running away

Today I don't feel sooooo good thats why I make this post right now [6:30 AM] 'cause I can't sleep whit this fever...and right now Tamara will come to visit me [Thats nice :)))]

And my mother ... ummm....She's soooo upset 'cause I got fever :S

Ok...I go back to bed...

Ciao, ciao :D



KATIE said...

Oooh poor boy!
Try to relax and maybe take some medicines...
Get well soon!
All the best from Poland - Katie N.

Olga B. said...

Hi Cloud!
It's a pity that you feel bad ((. I wish you speedy recovery!
Kiss ya!

Barbara said...

Nice of Tamara!:)Take care!

CECIL said...

Cloud, hope you are feeling better. Sure Tamara and your mum cares for you a great deal. But we all do care for you very much too. Take some medication and get more rest. Much Love & Hugs**

Ron said...

i hope u will feel batter! don't stay allot in bed drink allot of tea and it will be fine works for me every time

CECIL said...

Thanks, Cloud. It's a great music video. I love love this song ever since M's Blonde Ambition Tour.