Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Veras [Mexico, Argentina, Brazil only]

Tu piensas que yo no podre vivir sin ti
Tu piensas no podra sobrevivir
Que nada me queda, si no estas junto a mi
Veras que no es asi

Sorry if my last post made so much confusions :)))
The 3rd part was only a joke [Zeus Or Cloud]:)))
[LoL]But it was good...:D



Eric Chou said...


i watched "i'm going to tell you a secret" DVD again last night, and i specially noted your first cooperation with Madonna, you were so young at that time, and the short hair was very cute.

i can see how much you love Madonna especially when you received her guitar, i know you almost cry.

i believe you must got talent otherwise Madonna would not keep you and use you for this long, and i also belive she likes you just as you like her.

hope see your performance soon!

Ron said...

mm i love this version thanks Zeus lol and confusions mm for some reason people had some confusions about me too lately :-)))

Barbara said...

What a beautiful song...