Monday, February 26, 2007

Zeus Or Cloud ???

You have very nice blog Katie...
But I don't understand almost nothing :)))

So...One more thing guys !
You all maybe think that.. I don't visit your bloggers but it's not true. When I've time then I look them :)))
So...Don't stop posting 'cause I'm watching you :D !!!

I think CLOUD !!! :D
But you???


barbie said...

i am really confused.. are you really daniel cloud campos?

Ron said...

strike a pose! lol

Anonymous said...

Love this picture, it shows so much of your sense of humor. Cloud, "you are one cool dude!" (Quoted from Madonna Drowned the World Tour).

KATIE said...

Thank you Cloud :) I am suprised!
I promise I will be writing in English on my blog so more people will be able to understand me. My blog is not only about Madonna but also about my different passions and me...

I won't stop posting- I love your blog and your photo is so nice!

Kisses from Poland :***)