Monday, March 19, 2007

Behold...I am coming soon...

This is not a Tiger it's a Cat :))))

Hi...It's me Cloud!
Before I gonna say something I must tell you something:"I'm not in LA yet !!!"

ok.!!Lets go on now...
I'm sitting in bar and it's fucking hot in here...:)))
So I'll make it fast...I'll be back at home tomorrow (maybe)...but still I'll come back.

[Maldives Island 12:55 PM]


Anastasia said...

What is the cat doing on the beach ??

Anastasia said...

haha ,the explanation that its not a tiger is for me ,right ?stupid me :)
take care ..

Marie-D. said...

Hi Cloud!
:)))) Waooohhh! the Tiger-Cat!!!!, i think i prefer the beach behind...
How are you? was the show ok? i wish you spend a great time there! it seems to have a beautiful landscape!

Take care

Melissa said...

Fucking Cat!!! I'm freezing my ass off here in Jersey and that little bitch is catching some rays on the!!!What's up with that?!
That's a really gorgeous landscape I wish I was there.
I'm just kidding about the kitty:))) I love all animals:)))'s a very cute picture:)))

Oh Yeah!...YAY!!! Cloud's coming home!!!:))))Hope you had a great time! I'm sure you did. We all can't wait to see the pictures! If you have footage of your performance that would be REALLY cool...we'd ALL love to see that!!!:))))

Anyway, make sure you get some good rest when you get home to L.A. or you're going to feel like shit from the long plane ride. Relax, get your shit together and just chill for awhile. That way you can come back to us nice and refreshed.:)))) Also, make sure you give it really good to Tamara:)))...she's been waiting for!!! She missed you soooo...much!

Do It For The Bloggers Cloud!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

O.K. I gotta get to work!:)

Hugs and Kisses...Peace Out! Melissa

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to hear from you, Cloud. And sorry for the rush off on msn. I hope you've taken enough pictures to fulfil your friends here, we all miss to hear from you. Hope you'll have a safe flight back home. It might take you a day or two days to recover from the jetlag. Looking forward to your updates.

Much Luv and kisses... Peace out (Got that from you Melissa) and Pass out in bed!


Olga B. said...

Hi Cloud!
Cool!!! You are on Maldivas! )) Great! 8)
Have a nice time there! )