Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"M" Madonna

Madonna entering a west London recording studio, yesterday March 19th.



Melissa said...

Hey T!

Thanks for the info on the Queen:)))...Cloud should keep you as a permanent assistant:)))...You're Great!:)))
Did your baby arrive home yet? Poor guy is going to be tired as hell. Make sure he gets good rest before he comes back to the blog.:)
We all miss him, but we all want him to be nice and refreshed when he tells us about his journey:)))

Thanks again for throwing something of CLOUD up on the blog. I really would love to see more of what HE does. I've seen plenty of what HE does on OTHER sites, but not his own.:))) We all love Madonna:))) but we can just click on the top of this blog to see what SHE'S doing...lol!!! Am I wrong?! Everybody here knows to go to Madonna's site if they want to see what Madonna's doing...unless they're THAT stupid..lol!!! I come to Cloud's blog to see what Cloud's doing!:)))))
I know I can't be the only one that feels this way. Tell your boy to show himself off more!!!:)))))
He's soooo...fucking talented in EVERYTHING he does...why doesn't he want to show it more? I REALLY want to see the first short film he ever did...NOT Heaven Awaits...the OTHER one!:)))))
I thought I saw somewhere he made this movie and found I was correct when I saw it on his MySpace page just two days ago. Can you show us that or is that his private stash?:))))) I'm sure it's brilliant...like the other stuff he did, but I can't find it anywhere!:(

Anyway, tell Cloud we all miss him and love him and can't wait until he comes back on here to tell us about his journey. :))))))
Also, if YOU have a blog Tamara, I'd love to see it, I'm sure everyone would! Let us know!:))))

Hugs,Kisses,Love,Peace and Good Fortune For You, Cloud and Everyone!:)

Luv, Melissa:)

Anastasia said...

melissa , I was just going to say the same ;)
and the words I thought when I saw the pic :
Pretty woman, walking down the street
pretty woman, the kind I like to meet ... etc

Thanks for keeping the blog Tamara
Love ,

Anonymous said...

Hola Tamara, sos Argentina?

Barbara said...

Tamara is right!! >:-I

KATIE said...

Cloud usually puts here Madonna's photos... so nothing has changed. I'm sure he will show us some new photos from his last performance as soon as he be back :)
So don't worry guys!

All the best to everybody :)