Thursday, March 22, 2007

Canada what's wrong???

Why people kill those cute little animals?????????????????????????
Thanks to newspaper I know what people Canadians really are....
There was sooooo horriles pic's also...
Gosh why Canadians're doing that???
They have see so they should go fishing....

Thanks for reading!!!!


Melissa said...

Awwwww...that's very sad! That makes me cry. I LOVE animals...they shoudn't be treated this way!!!:(

By the way, your buddy Natasha is from there's good people there too!:)))


Much Love to You, T and Everybody!!!

PEACE! Melissa

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cloud. I definitely agree with you. I remember even seeing videos on those horrifying scenes. Damn, why do they have to torture those little creatures? I have a lovely spitz at home and she looks so cute that I wouldn't even scold her after her search through my trash bin. God what are these people made of?



Natasha said...

Hey Cloud,
Not everyone in Canada clubs baby seals just like not everyone in the US is a Texas dictator. LOL. Only a very small portion of Canada's population hunts seals. No I have never done it and thank you Melissa! Baby seals are very cute but so are Inuit children. I would rather see a child live (have food and clothing to stay warm), then an animal. However you can all have your opinions and I respect them. Just know the facts...I mean the real facts not the Sir Paul and Heather Mc Cartney facts, after all look how well that turned out lmao.

Love ya Cloud and good to here you are home safe.

Natasha said...

Click on my name to see my blog entry on this subject.

Please note: There is absolutely no feud with Cloud. I love him to bits!!! I just think people should know both sides before they make their own opinion. Love you all!!!