Wednesday, March 21, 2007

There's No Place Like Home !!!

Uhhh...Finally I'm BACK!!!
I can see that you guys made T mad....:S
...but what is done thats done...
Ummm...Right now I'll go 'cause I need a little nap 'cause I just arrived and I'm sooooooooooooooo
tired to death [lol]....

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better...



Anonymous said...


Good to hear you are back. Take some rest and remember to show us some of your pictures from Maldives.

Well, I'm sure the gals and T had a misunderstanding. Read the comment from M's last posting on your blog and you'll understand what I'm saying. Please tell T not to sweat on it. It's nothing, the gals didn't mean it in an offensive way. Hope you can calm T down and make her happy again.

Sleep in for the day and tell us more later. Take care!

Hugs n Luv,


Anonymous said...

welcome home.

Melissa said...

Hey Cloud!

WELCOME HOME!!! Nice to see you back safe and sound:))))

Don't worry about T...she's good!:))) She did a great job while you were gone!:) She just misunderstood a comment...THAT'S ALL! Nothing major buddy...IT'S ALL GOOD!:)))))NO WORRIES!:)))))
Read all the comments since you've been gone...nothing but LOVE on here:)))'ll see:))))))

Everybody here missed you...especially T!:))) Glad your back and you kept the blog going:)))

By the way, thanks for the nice video...she's so beautiful when she sings that:)

Hugs, Kisses, Peace and Much Love for You, Tamara and Everybody!:)

Peace Out! Melissa

P.S. Thanks for having my back peeps! You all know who you are. I'm glad you understood me.:)))

KATIE said...

Welcome home Cloud :) How was the show?