Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Different story...

Hi..It's me Tamara.
It will be my last post in this blog 'cause I hate people who want to tell me what I must do or what Cloud should do...Unless M!
Sooo...you both can f*ck yourself in bathroom :@
and right now I wont post some pic about Cloud and one movie..(others can blame MELISSA & ANASTASIA about it!!!)...
I don't care if someone gonna tell it to Cloud!!!

One thing more: I gonna tell Cloud that he wont post "The Firs Look Of THE RE-INVENTION TOUR DVD" news...'Cause nobody don't want to know so F-Off...!!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Tamara ,!,


Barbara said...

Please post more...please :-((

KATIE said...

Hey Tamara!

Don't be so nervous! Just take it easy! Try to undestand Cloud's fans. They can't find anything in net about Cloud so they count on this blog. The personal Cloud's blog is for them the only source of information about their idol...

So please wear the smile on your face (we say that in polish :)) and be patient.

All fans admire you and Cloud. Don't change it.

Have a nice day Tamara :)

Melissa said...

Hi Tamara! I hope you read this:)

I didn't mean to disrespect you in anyway. I'm really sorry you took my compliments for You and Cloud in a negative way. I think You and Cloud are extremely talented and both of you are beautiful people.:)
I in NO WAY want You or Cloud to stop posting Madonna stuff...WE ALL LOVE THE QUEEN!:))) We all love seeing the stuff You and Cloud bring to the blog. I simply was saying I'd like to see the man BEHIND the blog too:))) or in Your case...the woman!:))) Please believe me when I say NO DISRESPECT was intended AT ALL!
I have MUCH LOVE for You and Cloud as artists. I think you're both BRILLIANT!

Please don't deprive the people that read this blog of our Queen...WE ALL LOVE HER!!!

I'm sooooooo......sorry for the misunderstanding. Please find it in your heart to forgive. No harm was meant!:)))


Luv, Melissa

CECIL said...

Hi Tamara,

I understand how you feel, but please don't get them wrong. I think what they mean is that they wanna know more about Cloud and YOU. For me, I would love to know both of you better. It'll be nice if you can tell us when your next performance is and so on. Not to tell you what to or what not to do. No one has the right to tell you so. BTW, Cloud often post us news of M too. I'm sure it's only a misunderstanding, the way Melissa & Anastasia wrote it might gave you the wrong impression, but sure they didn't mean it an offensive way, right gals? So chill out, T. Cloud wouldn't want us to start a fight here on his blog. And I really hope you can post us something about you (It's a request only). Like how'd you get to become M's dancers?

Everyone, let's not upset Cloud when he comes back home.

Hugs & Kisses to Tamara, Cloud, Melissa & Anastasia,


Natasha said...

Hi T,
I say post whatever you want, You're awesome! Don't take grief from the rest. I happen to enjoy your posts.

Take care,

Melissa said...


OH MY GOD!!!!This is getting out of hand!

I LOVE this blog, I LOVE the TWO PEOPLE that post on this blog and EVERYTHING on this blog!!! NO DOUBT! NO QUESTION! NO CONFUSIONS!
I NEVER said I didn't.

I simply asked or REQUESTED to see You and Cloud on here...ALONG with the Madonna stuff that is already on here. NOBODY wants you to get rid of the Madonna stuff!!!That's Crazy!!!:))) I think You and Cloud are AMAZING talents...I've said this plenty of times in past comments...BELIEVE IT!:)

As for requesting to see Cloud's short film...I can't find it ANYWHERE! So what better people to ask but You or Cloud...Right?:)))

As for telling ANYONE what to do...FUCK THAT! I HATE people who think they can tell people what to do! THAT'S NOT ME AT ALL!!! I'm REALLY sorry you misunderstood ANYTHING I said. I have MUCH LOVE for You and Cloud...I don't see why you would doubt that. Again, I think you two are AMAZING! No disrespect was meant!:)))

Once again Tamara...Thank You for posting while Cloud was away...you did a GREAT job!

As for your post...I wouldn't fuck myself in a bathroom...lol!!!!...I prefer a more comfortable spot...LOL!!!:))))

Peace and Love to You, Cloud and Everyone!!!

Luv, Melissa

Anastasia said...

Hello Tamara .. Sorry if I done something wrong .. but where did I tell you what to do ? in the previous message I wanted to make a joke because Melissa's coment was very long not bec I mean the same.. please don't stop posting because of me .. :(
and again I am very sorry ..

Marie-D. said...

Hi Tamara,
I hope you'll still read the message...:-(
I can understand what you feel and what makes you angry...: i think it may be the way Melissa wrote to you and the way she "asked" more informations about you and Cloud. it can be interpreted like an order and a disrespect. it is understandable. you're right to write what you think and what you feel.
But...deep down, i think that Melissa has no bad intention. She didn't want to tell you what to do, even if the way she asked can be interpreted like that... but it was written with a good intention, i'm sure she didn't want to be disrespectful, she LOVES you and Cloud (like all of your fans) we all love you.

But also...i'm sure, we all can understand that you and Cloud don't feel sometimes comfortable to post many informations about you. your site can be visited by fans and also by people who are not fans (you just have to search in google...). it is understandable, it is not easy for you to post everything about you and then not to know where it will go, so...just post what you want!...we love you, and any informations about you and your work are welcome, we would be glad about it :)
(by the way, what a temper you have, T.! you're direct...i like it!)

Kisses and Love to Tamara, Cloud, Madonna ;-), and everyone!!!

(i'm sorry for my english, i hope it is a bit correct!)

Natasha said...

Hey T,
Did you make the changes to the blog? :) it's nice for a change. One question what's the sideways L shaped photo at the top of, its too small i can't tell? lol i'm blind lmao


Ruthie said...

hey!!!! what´s wrong????

Lovely tamara.... try to breath... Se ke hay mucha gente estùpida..pero pss komo no se bien ke fue lo ke hicieron no me atrevo a katalogarla komo tal... mmmm los medios komo este se prestan para malas interpretaciones.. en mi kaso tengo un sentido del humor iróniko y a veces me metó en kada bronka ke pfff!!!....

pero usted es una persona tan original, tan pasional, tan entregada ke se le perdona todo....

Muchos besotes .....

esta pekeña mujercita sabe ke ud tiene un pasado antes de M y un enorme futuro después de ella... he visto tu trabajo y puedo decirte ke soy mas fan tuyo ke de kloud y eso ke te ubiké mejor por él JAJAJA!