Saturday, March 17, 2007

Message from Cloud!

It's very cool out here...I wish to talk whit all my fans soon and most of all I want to see You Tamara :)))) Love ya...[Big Kiss]
Ok...I go to sleep now...



Melissa said... sweet!

See Tamara...he loves you so much...he misses you just as much as you miss him:))) What a sweetheart!

We all miss you Cloud!!! Make sure to bring back pictures of your journey. We're all waiting!

Hugs,Kisses,Love,Peace and Good Fortune for You and Your Loved Ones, especially T:)))

Sweet Dreams!

KATIE said...

Cloud, it's nice to hear from you. When R U coming back?
Keep well!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cloud,

Hope your performance is going well. Everyone misses you alot. Like Melissa said remember to bring back pictures of your trip. Maldives is a beautiful place so take more pics with the nature. So when exactly are you returning to LA?



andjelija_14 said...

Hi man...
We miss you around here...U know?
But I just can't be mad @ u...hehe
So when u're coming back?


Anastasia said...

hello Cloud ..
like Melissa and Cecil sad take more pictures.. :D
What a beautiful photo with dolphins :D(one of my dreams is to swim with dolphin )
Have a great time there ..
And be happy bec. so many people love you .
bye . :)

Anastasia said...

ohh .. those are not dolphins .. sharks!!!!!!!!! oww thats is certainty not my dream O_x .. to swim with sharks .. hahahaah
hopefuly I don't get mixed up again .

Katya_y said...

Nice photo! I like wild and dangerous animals!
...But I hope u don't swim with those sharks...
Take care, good luck!
And don't forget about Tamara, she's waiting for u.

Barbara said...

Hi Cloud!It's nice to see that you're having a great time there!
KISS 4 you and Tamara

Marie-D. said...

Sharks... what a wonderfull company!! it is clear it's impossible to compare them to Tamara!!!! ;-) you and T are both soooo sweet!!!
Thanks for the picture! it's nice.

Kisses to T and you.