Saturday, March 17, 2007


What do you think about Cloud???
Both (sexy and cute)
Who is Cloud ??? free polls
Like you see I've visit Madonna's blog...:))))))
I miss my Cloud!!!...Can anyone tell me what could be the time there???


Olga B. said...

Hi Tamara!
Nice to see you here )). Just wait )). He'll return ). Good luck to you! Kiss!

Melissa said...

HEY T! I just looked up on google for the time on the islands. I'm in New Jersey...the time here is 2:30p.m. and right now it's 11:30p.m. there. Your baby is probably just getting done performing or he's sleeping!
As for your know the ladies on here are going to put both Cute and Sexy...unless their vision is!!! Re-Invetion(CUTE)...Confessions(HOT!) Do I need to say anymore? I think not! Ha!Ha!Ha!
Don't sweat it baby...he's coming home to you soon. :))))
Sweet dreams for you until then,
Luv, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Hey T,

It's around 11:50pm there now. You and Cloud both inherited the :))))) haha. Well, we all sure do miss him too. When is he going back to LA? In the meantime, relax, go and enjoy your own time. That's how I do it, cos' my man is always not in town or too busy with social activities. It's part of his job, what can I do? Sometimes we don't see each other at all for 1 or 2 months. So enjoy every moment as it is! Try it, it should make you feel better.

Luv n Hugs to T n All,


Anastasia said...

hi Tamara . I think both - sexy and cute.
Sometimes it's better to be in distant from each other (for a litte while)..after that it would be sweeter to be together

Ruthie said...


Let see, He is cute most all the time....he is lovely....but when he´s performing is HOT! ...and when U are togheter wow!!!! xplosions on! cutest and hotest!!!....

Mmmmm..when U live with somebody.. when U loves somebody and that somebody keep away it´s sooooo hard... but U have time to aprecciate him more... and pass the time with your friends, family or just shopping /doing women´s things...

sugarly kisses

KATIE said...

We all miss him so much!

Katya_y said...

Hi, Tamara!
I'm sure you'll see each other very soon! You should just wait a bit...

Do you have your own blog?

Marie-D. said...

Hi Tamara! :-)

Big Kiss and support from France!