Thursday, March 15, 2007

One of most wanted Madonna DVD

One of most wanted Madonna DVDs is the one for her Re-Invention Tour 2004...
Hi...Cloud gave me some tips what I should to do in his blog...
So...He want me to post some pic's....

The First Loof Of Re-Invention Tour DVD :
(It was all what he said to me)...

Die Another DayBurning Up



Anonymous said...

Hello Tamara,

Hope you'll find this a whole lot of fun. And sure wouldn't mind if you post something about yourself or you and your beloved. I've seen a few videos from your olympic performance, it was really amazing and you were so young then. And you are still fabulous! All the best~



KATIE said...

Hi Tamara,

welcome here :) I hope to read also your personal notes. Could you write somethinng special for us?

Have a nice day!

Marie-D. said...

Hi Tamara!
Nice to read you! :-) I wish you all the best also!

Have a great day!
Hello from France

Melissa said...

Hi Tamara!

Nice to see you here!:)))

Hope you have fun here on the blog!

Throw some stuff of your own up here...we don't mind!:))) WE'd love to see it! Anyone who knows who you are(which I hope is everybody on here)knows you kick ass.:)))) Keep up the good work!!!

Peace and Love to You, Cloud and all of your Loved Ones!!!!!:)))))

You Rock!!! Love, Melissa

Natasha said...

Hi T.
Chatted with you the other day for a bit. You can add me if you want