Friday, March 16, 2007

Cloud HV2


Melissa said...

That boys got TALENT!!!!!!
Thanks for the vid T!

Lots of Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

OMG, "Cloud" what can I say. I'd agree with Melissa, but he so not only got Talent, there's something more. CHARISMA! All dancers can move their body, but not many can move someone else's heart. He's definitely one of them who can.

Thanks for the Video T!

Best for all,


Natasha said...

Nice work chum!


KATIE said...

Cloud's dance is amazing!

Tamara, please, tell us how he is going now? We're missing him.

Hey Cloud it's so sad here without U...
Good that Tamara can post something for U and for us :)

andjelija_14 said...

God,I looooooove when you do that spin!!!!!!
It's so cool!


Melissa said...

Hi Tamara!
Why don't you throw a piece of footage of YOURSELF up. We all know you can dance your ass off too.

C'mon...don't be shy!:)))...LOL!

If not, we're all LOVING the footage of Cloud...the talented, adorable, sweet, kick ass guy with CHARISMA!(that last one was for you Cecil) Love,Melissa:)))

Anastasia said...

I don't have to say that Cloud's dancing inspire all of us .. we all know it ..
Tamara Vivian is making a new draw of you (she is trying her best) and she was sooo happy that she took your attention for a little while. We were talking all day about you :*

Anonymous said...

Hahahaa, thanks for that Melissa! All the best to you and everyone else.



Marie-D. said...

pfff....i can do it too!...No!!!! it's not true, i can't!
you're very talented Cloud! and Cecil is right you've got a lot of charisma!...i've got a lot of repect for what you do!!! RESPECT...!

Thanks Tamara for the video! (and you are also....WAOHHH! Respect...!)

Kisses from France.