Monday, March 12, 2007

Re-Invention month...

I hope you guys don't hate me 'cause...
You can see it by yourself what I've done :D SORRY about it...I've soooo many ups and downs right now like old home where I grew up...and T....Gosh I miss her soooooooooooooooooo much...

Ok...I still wait your ad's or articles about Re-Invention tour...but still don't take them in net...i want your owns :))))) Then its fun...


Now I've one
She will help me to collect ads about Re-Invention and her is Katie and she's sooo sweet like some others and also T :DDD


KATIE said...

Well, I hope I will manage... :) I will at least try.
PS Try to read my confession and try not to be angry...please...

Good luck for the rest of the day!

Melissa said...

Hey Cloud! Looks like you're having
a crazy poor thing! Keep
your head up and smile:))) Think of
happy thoughts.
I sent you a few e-mails last week
to cheer you up, but I'm not sure if you got them. I don't expect you
to e-mail me back anytime soon, I
know how busy you are. I'm just not sure if I'm sending the e-mails
to the right address. Are you still using this blogs e-mail address? I've been sending you e-mails to that right?
If not, you have e-mails I sent to you floating around somewhere on the web. Ha!Ha!Ha! Please let me know...when you have time:)))
Peace and Love to You and Tamara:)
Love, Melissa

CECIL said...

I have a complain to make, Cloud, you always make it difficult for us to choose within M's album. I sent you an email (hotmail) to express how disappointed I am. Though I better not stress you out more at this moment. Still take care and I hope you'll still chat with us on msn (by yourself) in the future. Like you told me, if the place is driving you crazy, "Get out of that place!". Hahaa, Love to You, Tamara, Katie and Your Mum!


KATIE said...

And all the best from Katie to Cecil :)

Marie-D. said...

i hope that moving is not so tiring, and with all your memories in your old home...! but you can see all the way you have done from that time to now! (i don't know if the tense is right?)your progress is not so bad, is it?
you're so sweet with T :-))), i wish all the best for you and T! ;-)

Nothing Fails is a beautiful song too!!

Kisses from the south of France where the sun shines!