Wednesday, April 04, 2007

M by Madonna + New Album [News...]

Your Majesty new "M by Madonna" clothing line for H&M has sold more than $15 million since going on sale just over a week ago.
The debut has been so successful that the retail chain have just offered Lady M a multi-million dollar deal to do a second and third collection for the chain, beginning in late 2007.
This year has been quite lucrative for Madonna. In addition to the $8 million she collected from H&M, the Queen of Pop was also paid$15 Million for her recent Japanese commercial.
Madonna has spent the last three weeks in a recording studio and has promised her label a new album by November!


Marie-D. said...

Hi Cloud,
how are you?????... hope to chat with you soon!

Kisses from France

KATIE said...

Good news! I can't wait the next collection :)
Hope U R ok Cloud...
Kisses also from Poland (you receive plenty of european kisses... why not to visit Europe again? ****)

Marie-D. said...

:-)) Hi Katie!
you've made a good suggestion! ;-)
"why not to visit Europe again?"

Kisses to everyone, espacially to Poland

Melissa said...

Good for M! I can't wait until November. I also can't wait to buy more of her collection!!!:)))

Hi Katie! Hi Marie-d.! Nice to see you back!:)))) Also, nice to see Anastasia making comments again!:))) For Nat: What's up girlfriend?!!!!!!

Thanks for the post Cloud!!! You're doing a kick ass job!:)))

Hugs, Kisses, Peace and Love for Everyone!!!