Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nobody Knows Me + Wallpaper



Ines said...

I like it lol =)

Melissa said...

Hey Cloud!

Are you the one creating the wallpaper? I haven't seen them anywhere but here. Let us know so we can give you props! They're really good!:)))

Also, thanks for the video!:)))

Peace Out!


Natasha said...

Hey Cloud,
I just wanted to wish you an early Happy Easter! I hope you and your family have a great time together.
Don't eat to much chocolate to make yourself sick lol. Oh and yes I will save you some turkey lmao.

PS. Yes everyone the wallpapers are Clouds personal designs and he deserves props! :)))

Your friend Nat

Melissa said...

Thanks for the info. Nat! I figured they were his.

You Rock Cloud!!! Keep up the good work!:)))

Much Love for You, T and Everybody!


NOTE TO PEEPS: Everybody go to Nat's blog when you're done here...she posted some funny jokes!:)))

Olga B. said...

Hi Cloud!
Happy Easter to you and your family! =) Have nice days! )
Kiss ya!