Monday, June 18, 2007

"Confession by Cloud"

Hi everyone...I must make a confession 'cause I can't hide it anymore---
You can see me in LONDON on Saturday 07/07/07 :)))
Thats mean: "Party in LONDON"


Barbara said...

Wish I could be there....

Natasha said...

well i'll be in Canada LOL. Probably partying as well lmao

Natasha said...

Oh and have fun at Live Earth !!!

Natasha said...

hey write me when you get the chance ok. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome for me. I'm going whitewater rafting then bungy jumping, then ripriding then out to dinner with everyone from work. Too bad you're soo busy or you could come too lol. I bet your jealous lol, don't be at least you get to perform with the Queen lol.


P.S email me about how i can help with the M site ok