Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jell-o commercial

More coming soon...


kimmo_matias said...

Hi Cloud,
spotted your message on Madonna's blog and decided to drop few lines to you too. I just wanted to let you know I think you are a brilliant dancer. Have you been using the guitar Madonna gave you? Good luck with your music too!
Keep up the good work! P.S. If you are interested, check out my blog, would be nice to hear from you.
-Kimmo Matias-

Stacegal said...

Hey Cloud,
Just wanted 2 tell u what a bright light u r!This is why M works with you! I watch the re-invention and confessions tour weekly! Yeah, i am an addict, what can I say! So inspirational. There are many talented ppl on these tours but u stand out, and not just cuz u r beautiful, which u r, and I'm sure all the gals tell you this

Barbara said...

I watched this video's funny!I like it very very much!